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9.1. About the Trace Port Interface Unit

The TPIU drives the external pins of a trace port, so that trace can be captured by an external Trace Port Analyzer (TPA). It does the following:

  • Coordinates stopping trace capture when a trigger is received. For more information, see Programming the TPIU for trace capture and Example configuration scenarios.

  • Inserts source ID information into the trace stream so that trace data can be re-associated with its trace source. The operation of the trace formatter is described in the ARM® CoreSight™ Architecture Specification.

  • Outputs the trace data over trace port pins. For more information, see Trace out port and Trace port triggers .

  • Outputs patterns over the trace port so that a TPA can tune its capture logic to the trace port, maximizing the speed at which trace can be captured. For more information, see TPIU pattern generator.