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4.3. Remote reset of the Versatile Express development system

This section describes the remote reset of the Versatile Express system using either:

  • The Motherboard Express, V2M-P1.

  • The V2M-CP1 Programmer Module and custom motherboard.


    SW[1] on the Motherboard Express, V2M-P1, or S3[2] on the V2M-CP1 Programmer Module, must enable remote UART0 control. See Configuration switches.

The remote reset sequence is as follows:

  • An external controller can toggle UART0 DSR, pin 6, HIGH for 100ms to put the motherboard into standby mode. This is equivalent to pushing the Hardware RESET button. Power cycling the board also places the system into standby mode.


    The duration of the DSR high pulse must be greater than or equal to 100ms.

  • An external controller can remotely select whether the MCC or the system application uses UART0 in run mode. This overrides the config.txt entry for MBLOG and eliminates the requirement to use the second serial port on UART1.

    Set UART0 CTS, pin 8, LOW to select system mode, or set it HIGH to select MCC mode.

    Remote UART0 control requires a full null modem cable that is supplied with the motherboard. Figure 4.2 shows the wiring.

    Figure 4.2. Modem cable wiring diagram

    Figure 4.2. Modem cable wiring diagram


The V2M-CP1 Programmer Module has reduced remote UART control. See Configuration switch on the V2M-CP1 Programmer Module.

You can achieve control of the DSR and CTS signals through control logic on the host computer.

Alternatively, you can use a custom terminal program, such as ARM VETerminal.exe, that is provided on the Versatile Express DVD. This program integrates the terminal output and control buttons into a single application.