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2.8. Power

The following sources supply power to the V2F-1XV7 daughterboard:

  • HDRY:

    • Supplies: 5V, VIO, CB_SPWR, and CB_3V3 from the motherboard.

  • One 1.5V button cell battery that provides power for the Virtex-7 FPGA encryption key.

  • One PCIE 6-pin power connector:

    • External supply at 12V at up to 6.25A.

5V, CB_SPWR, and CB_3V3 from the motherboard supply power to devices on the daughterboard, the configuration bus IO, and the parts of the FPGA that communicate with the motherboard. The maximum value of VIO is 1.8V.

If you stack the daughterboards, the external 12V supplies power to the VIO_UP domain, VIO on the upper board, that enables communication to the upper board.

The external 12V supplies power to the FPGA power domains. See Appendix B Specifications for information on the power that is available to each of the FPGA power domains.

Figure 2.14 shows the main power domains of the V2F-1XV7 daughterboard.

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