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A.10.8. System address map signals

Table A.17 shows the system address map signals.

Table A.17.  System address map signals
SAMADDRMAP0[1:0]InputRegion mapping, 0 - 512MB
SAMADDRMAP1[1:0]InputRegion mapping, 512MB - 1GB
SAMADDRMAP2[1:0]InputRegion mapping, 1GB - 1.5GB
SAMADDRMAP3[1:0]InputRegion mapping, 1.5GB - 2GB
SAMADDRMAP4[1:0]InputRegion mapping, 2GB - 2.5GB
SAMADDRMAP5[1:0]InputRegion mapping, 2.5GB - 3GB
SAMADDRMAP6[1:0]InputRegion mapping, 3GB - 3.5GB
SAMADDRMAP7[1:0]InputRegion mapping, 3.5GB - 4GB
SAMADDRMAP8[1:0]InputRegion mapping, 4GB - 8GB
SAMADDRMAP9[1:0]InputRegion mapping, 8GB - 16GB
SAMADDRMAP10[1:0]InputRegion mapping, 16GB - 32GB
SAMADDRMAP11[1:0]InputRegion mapping, 32GB - 64GB
SAMADDRMAP12[1:0]InputRegion mapping, 64GB - 128GB
SAMADDRMAP13[1:0]InputRegion mapping, 128GB - 256GB
SAMADDRMAP14[1:0]InputRegion mapping, 256GB - 512GB
SAMADDRMAP15[1:0]InputRegion mapping, 512GB - 1TB
SAMMNBASE[39:24]InputMN base address[a]
SAMHNI0NODEID[6:0]InputHN-I 0 node ID
SAMHNI1NODEID[6:0]InputHN-I 1 node ID
SAMHNF0NODEID[6:0]InputHN-F 0 node ID
SAMHNF1NODEID[6:0]InputHN-F 1 node ID
SAMHNF2NODEID[6:0]InputHN-F 2 node ID
SAMHNF3NODEID[6:0]InputHN-F 3 node ID
SAMHNF4NODEID[6:0]InputHN-F 4 node ID
SAMHNF5NODEID[6:0]InputHN-F 5 node ID
SAMHNF6NODEID[6:0]InputHN-F 6 node ID
SAMHNF7NODEID[6:0]InputHN-F 7 node ID
SAMHNFMODE[2:0]InputHN-F interleaving module

[a] SAMMNBASE must reside in a SAMADDRMAPx[1:0] that corresponds to the HN-I.

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