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4.4.14. c12 registers

Table 4.139 shows the 32-bit wide system registers you can access when the processor is in AArch32 state and the value of CRn is c12.

Table 4.139. c12 register summary


Vector Base Address Register.

Monitor Vector Base Address Register. See the ARM® Architecture Reference Manual ARMv8, for ARMv8-A architecture profile for more information.

2RMR0x00000000Reset Management Register.
c10ISRUNKInterrupt Status Register.
c80ICC_IAR0-Interrupt Acknowledge Register 0
1ICC_EOIR0-End Of Interrupt Register 0
2ICC_HPPIR0-Highest Priority Pending Interrupt Register 0
3ICC_BPR00x00000002Binary Point Register 0
4ICC_AP0R00x00000000Active Priorities 0 Register 0
c120c90ICC_AP1R00x00000000Active Priorities 1 Register 0
c111ICC_DIR-Deactivate Interrupt Register
3ICC_RPR-Running Priority Register
c120ICC_IAR1-Interrupt Acknowledge Register 1
1ICC_EOIR1-End Of Interrupt Register 1
2ICC_HPPIR1-Highest Priority Pending Interrupt Register 1
3ICC_BPR10x00000003[a]Binary Point Register 1
4ICC_CTLR0x00000400Interrupt Control Register
5ICC_SRE0x00000000System Register Enable Register
6ICC_IGRPEN00x00000000Interrupt Group Enable Register 0
7ICC_IGRPEN10x00000000Interrupt Group Enable Register 1
4c00HVBARUNKHyp Vector Base Address Register.
c80ICH_AP0R00x00000000Interrupt Controller Hyp Active Priorities Register (0,0)
c90ICH_AP1R00x00000000Interrupt Controller Hyp Active Priorities Register (1,0)
4ICH_VSEIR0x00000000Interrupt Controller Virtual System Error Interrupt Register
5ICC_HSRE0x00000000System Register Enable Register for EL2
c110ICH_HCR0x00000000Interrupt Controller Hyp Control Register
1ICH_VTR0x90000003Interrupt Controller VGIC Type Register
2ICH_MISR0x00000000Interrupt Controller Maintenance Interrupt State Register
3ICH_EISR0x00000000Interrupt Controller End of Interrupt Status Register
7ICH_VMCR0x004C0000Interrupt Controller Virtual Machine Control Register
5ICH_ELSR0x0000000FInterrupt Controller Empty List Register Status Register
c120ICH_LR00x00000000Interrupt Controller List Register 0
1ICH_LR10x00000000Interrupt Controller List Register 1
2ICH_LR10x00000000Interrupt Controller List Register 2
3ICH_LR10x00000000Interrupt Controller List Register 3
c140ICH_LRC00x00000000Interrupt Controller List Register 0
1ICH_LRC10x00000000Interrupt Controller List Register 1
2ICH_LRC20x00000000Interrupt Controller List Register 2
3ICH_LRC30x00000000Interrupt Controller List Register 3
c126c124ICC_MCTLR0x00000400Interrupt Control Register for EL3
5ICC_MSRE0x00000000System Register Enable Register for EL3
7ICC_MGRPEN10x00000000Interrupt Controller Monitor Interrupt Group 1 Enable register

[a] This is the reset value in non-secure state. In secure state, the reset value is 0x00000002.