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4.4.3. c2 registers

Table 4.129 shows the 32-bit wide system registers you can access when the processor is in AArch32 state and the value of CRn is c2.

Table 4.129. c2 register summary
c20c00TTBR0UNKTranslation Table Base Register 0
1TTBR1UNKTranslation Table Base Register 1


Translation Table Base Control Register

Hyp Translation Control Register

c12VTCRUNK Virtualization Translation Control Register

[a] The reset value is 0x00000000 for the Secure copy of the register. The reset value for the EAE bit of the Non-secure copy of the register is 0x0. You must program the Non-secure copy of the register with the required initial value, as part of the processor boot sequence.