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Integration Instruction ATB Out Register

The TRCITIATBOUTR characteristics are:


Sets the state of the output pins shown in Table 13.55.

Usage constraints
  • Available when bit[0] of TRCITCTRL is set to 1.

  • The value of the register sets the signals on the output pins when the register is written.


Available in all configurations.


See the register summaries in Table 13.3.

Figure 13.54 shows the TRCITIATBOUTR bit assignments.

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Table 13.55 shows the TRCITIATBOUTR bit assignments.

Table 13.55. TRCITIATBOUTR bit assignments
Bits Name Function
[31:10] - Reserved. Read undefined.
[9:8] BYTES Drives the ATBYTESMn[1:0] output pins[a].
[7:2] - Reserved. Read undefined.
[1] AFREADY Drives the AFREADYMn output pin[a].
[0] ATVALID Drives the ATVALIDMn output pin[a].

[a] When a bit is set to 0, the corresponding output pin is LOW.

When a bit is set to 1, the corresponding output pin is HIGH.

The TRCITIATBOUTR bit values always correspond to the physical state of the output pins.

The TRCITIATBOUTR can be accessed through the internal memory-mapped interface and the external debug interface, offset 0xEFC.

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