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Virtualization Multiprocessor ID Register

The VMPIDR_EL2 characteristics are:


Provides the value of the Virtualization Multiprocessor ID. This is the value returned by Non-secure EL1 reads of MPIDR.

Usage constraints

This register is accessible as follows:








(SCR.NS = 1)


(SCR.NS = 0)

- - - RW RW -

VMPIDR_EL2[31:0] is architecturally mapped to AArch32 register VMPIDR. See Virtualization Multiprocessor ID Register.


VMPIDR_EL2 is a 64-bit register.

VMPIDR_EL2 resets to the value of MPIDR_EL2.

Figure 4.27 shows the VMPIDR_EL2 bit assignments.

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Table 4.70 shows the VMPIDR_EL2 bit assignments.

Table 4.70. VMPIDR_EL2 bit assignments
Bits Name Function
[63:0] VMPIDR

MPIDR value returned by Non-secure EL1 reads of the MPIDR_EL1. The MPIDR description defines the subdivision of this value. See Table 4.20.

To access the VMPIDR_EL2:

MRS <Xt>, VMPIDR_EL2 ; Read VMPIDR_EL2 into Xt
MSR VMPIDR_EL2, <Xt> ; Write Xt to VMPIDR_EL2

Register access is encoded as follows:

Table 4.71. VMPIDR_EL2 access encoding
op0 op1 CRn CRm op2
11 100 0000 0000 101

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