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4.4.14. c12 registers

Table 4.142 shows the 32-bit wide system registers you can access when the processor is in AArch32 state and the value of CRn is c12.

Table 4.142. c12 register summary
c120c00VBARUNK[a]Vector Base Address Register.

Monitor Vector Base Address Register. See the ARM® Architecture Reference Manual ARMv8, for ARMv8-A architecture profile for more information.

2RMR0x00000000Reset Management Register.
c10ISRUNKInterrupt Status Register.
c80ICC_IAR0-Interrupt Acknowledge Register 0
1ICC_EOIR0-End Of Interrupt Register 0
2ICC_HPPIR0-Highest Priority Pending Interrupt Register 0
3ICC_BPR00x00000002Binary Point Register 0
4ICC_AP0R00x00000000Active Priorities 0 Register 0
c120c90ICC_AP1R00x00000000Active Priorities 1 Register 0
c111ICC_DIR-Deactivate Interrupt Register
3ICC_RPR-Running Priority Register
c120ICC_IAR1-Interrupt Acknowledge Register 1
1ICC_EOIR1-End Of Interrupt Register 1
2ICC_HPPIR1-Highest Priority Pending Interrupt Register 1
3ICC_BPR10x00000003[b]Binary Point Register 1
4ICC_CTLR0x00000400Interrupt Control Register
5ICC_SRE0x00000000System Register Enable Register
6ICC_IGRPEN00x00000000Interrupt Group Enable Register 0
7ICC_IGRPEN10x00000000Interrupt Group Enable Register 1
4c00HVBARUNKHyp Vector Base Address Register.
c80ICH_AP0R00x00000000Interrupt Controller Hyp Active Priorities Register (0,0)
c90ICH_AP1R00x00000000Interrupt Controller Hyp Active Priorities Register (1,0)
4ICH_VSEIR0x00000000Interrupt Controller Virtual System Error Interrupt Register
5ICC_HSRE0x00000000System Register Enable Register for EL2
c110ICH_HCR0x00000000Interrupt Controller Hyp Control Register
1ICH_VTR0x90000003Interrupt Controller VGIC Type Register
2ICH_MISR0x00000000Interrupt Controller Maintenance Interrupt State Register
3ICH_EISR0x00000000Interrupt Controller End of Interrupt Status Register
7ICH_VMCR0x004C0000Interrupt Controller Virtual Machine Control Register
5ICH_ELRSR0x0000000FInterrupt Controller Empty List Register Status Register
c120ICH_LR00x00000000Interrupt Controller List Register 0
1ICH_LR10x00000000Interrupt Controller List Register 1
2ICH_LR10x00000000Interrupt Controller List Register 2
3ICH_LR10x00000000Interrupt Controller List Register 3
c140ICH_LRC00x00000000Interrupt Controller List Register 0
1ICH_LRC10x00000000Interrupt Controller List Register 1
2ICH_LRC20x00000000Interrupt Controller List Register 2
3ICH_LRC30x00000000Interrupt Controller List Register 3
c126c124ICC_MCTLR0x00000400Interrupt Control Register for EL3
5ICC_MSRE0x00000000System Register Enable Register for EL3
7ICC_MGRPEN10x00000000Interrupt Controller Monitor Interrupt Group 1 Enable register

[a] This is the reset value in the Non-secure state. In Secure state, the reset value is 0x00000000.

[b] This is the reset value in non-secure state. In secure state, the reset value is 0x00000002.

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