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7.1. About the L2 memory system

The L2 memory system consists of an:

  • Integrated Snoop Control Unit (SCU), connecting up to four cores within a cluster. The SCU also has duplicate copies of the L1 Data cache tags for coherency support. The L2 memory system interfaces to the external memory system with either an AMBA 4 ACE bus or an AMBA 5 CHI bus. All bus interfaces are 128-bits wide.

  • Optional tightly-coupled L2 cache that includes:

    • Configurable L2 cache size of 128KB, 256KB, 512KB, 1MB and 2MB.

    • Fixed line length of 64 bytes.

    • Physically indexed and tagged cache.

    • 16-way set-associative cache structure.

    • Optional ACP interface if an L2 cache is configured.

    • Optional ECC protection.

The L2 memory system has a synchronous abort mechanism and an asynchronous abort mechanism, see External aborts handling.