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1.1.1. MMU-500 example system

Figure 1.2 shows the MMU-500 in an example ARM processor and CoreLink™ Cache Coherent Interconnect-400 (CCI-400) system, performing address translation functions for multiple masters including a GPU.

In the example system, transactions sent by the GPU master are received by the TBU on its slave interface to search for a TLB hit. On a miss, the TBU interacts with the TCU through its AXI stream interface, and initiates a page table walk. On receiving the page table entry or a TLB hit, the TBU then forwards the transaction to its master interface after the pending translation based on the page entry.

Figure 1.2. MMU-500 in system context

Figure 1.2. MMU-500 in system context


If an AXI3 or AXI4 interface is connected to an ACE-Lite port, then the unused ACE-Lite signals must be tied off to the values shown in Table 2.2.

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