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2.3.1. Functional description

The AHB5 example slave provides 3×16 bytes (3×4 words) of hardware read/write registers. It demonstrates how to implement a simple security aware AHB5 slave.

Figure 2.3 shows the AHB5 example slave.

Figure 2.3. AHB5 example slave

The register sets are accessible by:

  • One set (four words) with secure transfers only.

  • One set (four words) with non-secure transfers only.

  • One set (four words) with both secure and non-secure transfers.

The registers can be accessed by using byte, half word and word transfers.

The example slave is partitioned into two parts, the interface part converts the AHB5 protocol to a simple non-pipelined bus protocol and can be reused for porting simple peripherals from 8-bit/16-bit products to ARM easily. The security checking is done by register bank part.

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