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2.3.2. Port list

The following table shows the port list of the AHB5 example slave.

Table 2.5. AHB5 example slave port list
SystemhclkInputClock AHB5 side
hresetnInputReset for HCLK domain
AHB5 slave interfacehselInputSlave select
 hnonsecInputNon-secure transfer indicator
 haddr[11:0]InputAddress, configurable width
 htrans[1:0]InputTransfer type
 hsize[2:0]InputSize of the transfer
 hwriteInputTransfer direction indicator
 hreadyInputHREADY feedback from all slaves
 hwdata[31:0]OutputWrite data, configurable width
 hrdata[31:0]OutputRead data, configurable width
 hreadyoutOutputTransfer completion indicator
 hresp[1:0]OutputTransfer response
 cfg_sec_respInputError response (1) /RAZ/WI (0)

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