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2.17.2. Port list

The following table shows the port list of the AHB5 to AHB5 sync-down bridge.

Table 2.33. AHB5 to AHB5 sync-down bridge port list

Clock for the upstream side.

Synchronous with hclk_m, frequency is N times hclk_m.

hresetn_sInputReset for the upstream side

Clock for the downstream side

hresetn_mInputReset for the downstream side
AHB5 Slavehsel_sInputSlave select
hnonsec_sInputNon-secure transfer indicator
haddr_s[ADDR_WIDTH-1:0]InputAddress, configurable width
htrans_s[1:0]InputTransfer type
hsize_s[2:0]InputSize of the transfer
hwrite_sInputTransfer direction indicator
hready_sInputTransfer completion indicator
hprot_s[6:0]InputProtection control
hburst_s[2:0]InputBurst type
hmastlock_sInputLocked sequence indicator
hwdata_s[DATA_WIDTH-1:0]InputWrite data, configurable width
hexcl_sInputExclusive Transfer indicator.
hmaster_s[MASTER_WIDTH-1:0]InputMaster identifier.
hrdata_s[DATA_WIDTH-1:0]OutputRead data, configurable width
hreadyout_sOutputTransfer completion indicator
hresp_sOutputTransfer response
hexokay_sOutputExclusive okay
hruser_s[USER_WIDTH-1:0]OutputRead channel user signals, configurable width
hauser_s[USER_WIDTH-1:0]InputAddress channel user signals, configurable width
hwuser_s[USER_WIDTH-1:0]InputWrite channel user signals, configurable width
AHB5 Masterhnonsec_mOutputNon-secure transfer indicator
haddr_m[ADDR_WIDTH-1:0]OutputAddress, configurable width
htrans_m[1:0]OutputTransfer type
hsize_m[2:0]OutputSize of the transfer
hwrite_mOutputTransfer direction indicator
hready_mInputTransfer completion indicator
hprot_m[6:0]OutputProtection control
hburst_m[2:0]OutputBurst type
hmastlock_mOutputLocked sequence indicator
hwdata_m[DATA_WIDTH-1:0]OutputWrite data, configurable width
hexcl_mOutputExclusive Transfer indicator.
hmaster_m[MASTER_WIDTH-1:0]OutputMaster identifier
hrdata_m[DATA_WIDTH-1:0]InputRead data, configurable width
hresp_mInputTransfer response
hexokay_mInputExclusive okay
hruser_m[USER_WIDTH-1:0]InputRead channel user signals, configurable width
hauser_m[USER_WIDTH-1:0]OutputAddress channel user signals, configurable width
hwuser_m[USER_WIDTH-1:0]OutputWrite channel user signals, configurable width
Q-channel Upstream sidehclk_qactive_sOutputClock active indication to clock controller.
hclk_qreqn_sInputClock Q Request from clock controller (active low)
hclk_qacceptn_sOutputClock Q Accept to clock controller (active low)
hclk_qdeny_sOutputClock Q Deny to clock controller
Q-channel Downstream sidehclk_qactive_mOutputClock active indication to clock controller.
hclk_qreqn_mInputClock Q Request from clock controller (active low)
hclk_qacceptn_mOutputClock Q Accept to clock controller (active low)
hclk_qdeny_mOutputClock Q Deny to clock controller
Power Q-channel (on downstream side)pwr_qactive_sOutputPower active indication to power controller
pwr_qreqn_sInputPower Q Request from power controller (active low)
pwr_qacceptn_sOutputPower Q Accept to power controller (active low)
pwr_qdeny_sOutputPower Q Deny to power controller
Miscellaneousahb5_sync_down_irqOutputBufferable write error interrupt (active high level)
ahb5_sync_down_irq_clearInputBufferable write error interrupt clear
ext_gate_reqInputExternal gating request

External gating acknowledge


Response type when the Access Control Gate (ACG) is blocking the incoming transfers:

0: Waited transfer

1: Error response

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