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2.12.3. AHB5 bus properties

The following table shows the AHB5 properties of the Cortex-M3/Cortex-M4 AHB5 adapter.

Table 2.24. AHB5 properties
Extended_Memory_TypesTRUEMaps the AHB-Lite HPROT + MEMATTR signaling of M3/M4 to the extended AHB5 HPROT
Secure_TransfersConfigurableInstantiates a Master Security Controller if enabled by configuration parameter
Stable_Between_ClockFALSENot supported for SIE-200
Exclusive_TransfersTRUEConvert the M3/M4 exclusive access signaling to AHB5 exclusive access signals
Multi_Copy_AtomicityTRUENo caches or buffering that make a transfer visible to only some agents
User signalingFALSENot applicable

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