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CTICLAIMCLR, CTI Claim Tag Clear register

The CTICLAIMCLR characteristics are:


Used by software to read the values of the CLAIM bits, and to clear these bits to 0.


CTICLAIMCLR is in the Debug power domain.

This register is not affected by a Warm reset, and is not affected by a Cold reset.

Implementation of this register is OPTIONAL.


CTICLAIMCLR is a 32-bit register.

Field descriptions

The CTICLAIMCLR bit assignments are:

CLAIM[x], bit [x]

CLAIM[x], bit [x], for = 0 to 31

CLAIM tag clear bit.

For values of x greater than or equal to the IMPLEMENTATION DEFINED number of CLAIM tags, this bit is RAZ/SBZ. Software can rely on these bits reading as zero, and must use a Should-Be-Zero policy on writes. Implementations must ignore writes.

For other values of x, reads return the value of CLAIM[x] and the behavior on writes is:


No action.


Indirectly clear CLAIM[x] to 0.

A single write to CTICLAIMCLR can clear multiple tags to 0.

An External Debug reset clears the CLAIM tag bits to 0.

An External Debug reset clears the CLAIM tag bits to 0.

Accessing the CTICLAIMCLR

CTICLAIMCLR can be accessed through the external debug interface:


This interface is accessible as follows:

  • When SoftwareLockStatus() access to this register is RO.
  • When !SoftwareLockStatus() access to this register is RW.

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