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TLBI ASIDE1OS, TLB Invalidate by ASID, EL1, Outer Shareable

The TLBI ASIDE1OS characteristics are:


Invalidates cached copies of translation table entries from TLBs that meet all the following requirements:

  • The entry is a stage 1 translation table entry.

  • The entry would be used for the specified ASID, and either:

    • Is from a level of lookup above the final level.

    • Is a non-global entry from the final level of lookup.

  • When EL2 is implemented and enabled in the Security state described by the current value of SCR_EL3.NS:

    • If HCR_EL2.{E2H, TGE} is not {1, 1}, the entry would be used with the current VMID, and would be required to translate an address using the EL1&0 translation regime.

    • If HCR_EL2.{E2H, TGE} is {1, 1}, the entry would be required to translate an address using the EL2&0 translation regime.

  • When EL2 is not implemented or is disabled in the current Security state, the entry would be required to translate an address using the EL1&0 translation regime.

The invalidation applies to all PEs in the same Outer Shareable shareability domain as the PE that executes this System instruction.


This instruction is present only when ARMv8.4-TLBI is implemented. Otherwise, direct accesses to TLBI ASIDE1OS are UNDEFINED.


TLBI ASIDE1OS is a 64-bit System instruction.

Field descriptions

The TLBI ASIDE1OS input value bit assignments are:


ASID, bits [63:48]

ASID value to match. Any appropriate TLB entries that match the ASID values will be affected by this System instruction.

If the implementation supports 16 bits of ASID, but only 8 bits are being used in the context being invalidated, the upper bits are RES0.

Bits [47:0]

Reserved, RES0.

Executing the TLBI ASIDE1OS instruction

Accesses to this instruction use the following encodings:


if PSTATE.EL == EL0 then
elsif PSTATE.EL == EL1 then
    if EL2Enabled() && !ELUsingAArch32(EL2) && HCR_EL2.TTLB == '1' then
        AArch64.SystemAccessTrap(EL2, 0x18);
    elsif EL2Enabled() && !ELUsingAArch32(EL2) && HCR_EL2.TTLBOS == '1' then
        AArch64.SystemAccessTrap(EL2, 0x18);
elsif PSTATE.EL == EL2 then
elsif PSTATE.EL == EL3 then