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PMSWINC_EL0, Performance Monitors Software Increment register

The PMSWINC_EL0 characteristics are:


Increments a counter that is configured to count the Software increment event, event 0x00. For more information, see 'SW_INCR' in the Arm® Architecture Reference Manual, Armv8, for Armv8-A architecture profile, section D5.


External register PMSWINC_EL0 bits [31:0] are architecturally mapped to AArch64 System register PMSWINC_EL0[31:0] .

External register PMSWINC_EL0 bits [31:0] are architecturally mapped to AArch32 System register PMSWINC[31:0] .

PMSWINC_EL0 is in the Core power domain.

Implementation of this register is OPTIONAL.

If this register is implemented, use of it is deprecated.

If 1 is written to bit [n] from the external debug interface, it is CONSTRAINED UNPREDICTABLE whether or not a SW_INCR event is created for counter n. This is consistent with not implementing the register in the external debug interface.


PMSWINC_EL0 is a 32-bit register.

Field descriptions

The PMSWINC_EL0 bit assignments are:

RES0P<n>, bit [n]

Bit [31]

Reserved, RES0.

P<n>, bit [n], for n = 0 to 30

Event counter software increment bit for PMEVCNTR<n>_EL0.

If PMCFGR.N is less than 31, bits [30:PMCFGR.N] are WI.


No action. The write to this bit is ignored.


It is CONSTRAINED UNPREDICTABLE whether a SW_INCR event is generated for event counter n.

Accessing the PMSWINC_EL0


SoftwareLockStatus() depends on the type of access attempted and AllowExternalPMUAccess() has a new definition from Armv8.4. Refer to the Pseudocode definitions for more information.

PMSWINC_EL0 can be accessed through the external debug interface:


This interface is accessible as follows:

  • When IsCorePowered(), !DoubleLockStatus(), !OSLockStatus(), AllowExternalPMUAccess() and SoftwareLockStatus() accesses to this register are WI.
  • When IsCorePowered(), !DoubleLockStatus(), !OSLockStatus(), AllowExternalPMUAccess() and !SoftwareLockStatus() accesses to this register are WO.
  • Otherwise accesses to this register generate an error response.