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MSMON_CFG_MON_SEL, MPAM Monitor Instance Selection Register

The MSMON_CFG_MON_SEL characteristics are:


Selects a monitor instance to access through the MSMON configuration and counter registers. MSMON_CFG_MON_SEL_s selects a Secure monitor instance to access via the Secure MPAM feature page. MSMON_CFG_MON_SEL_ns selects a Non-secure monitor instance to access via the Non-secure MPAM feature page.


Different performance monitoring features within a MSC could have different numbers of monitor instances. See the NUM_MON field in the corresponding ID register. This means that a monitor out-of-bounds error might be signaled when an MSMON_CFG register is accessed because the value in MSMON_CFG_MON_SEL.MON_SEL is too large for the particular monitoring feature.

To configure a monitor, set MON_SEL in this register to the index of the monitor instance to configure, then write to the MSMON_CFG_x register to set the configuration of the monitor. At a later time, read the monitor register (for example MSMON_MBWU) to get the value of the monitor.



This register is present only when MPAMF_IDR.HAS_MSMON == 1, or (MPAMF_IDR.HAS_IMPL_IDR == 1 and MPAMF_IDR.EXT == 0) or (MPAMF_IDR.HAS_IMPL_IDR == 1, MPAMF_IDR.EXT == 1 and MPAMF_IDR.NO_IMPL_MSMON == 0). Otherwise, direct accesses to MSMON_CFG_MON_SEL are RES0.


MSMON_CFG_MON_SEL is a 32-bit register.

Field descriptions

The MSMON_CFG_MON_SEL bit assignments are:


Bits [31:28]

Reserved, RES0.

RIS, bits [27:24]

When ARMv8.6-MPAM is implemented, MPAMF_IDR.EXT == 1 and MPAMF_IDR.HAS_RIS == 1:

Resource Instance Selector. RIS selects one resource to configure through MSMON_CFG registers.


Reserved, RES0.

Bits [23:16]

Reserved, RES0.

MON_SEL, bits [15:0]

Selects the monitor instance to configure or read.

Reads and writes to other MSMON registers are indexed by MON_SEL and by the NS bit used to access MSMON_CFG_MON_SEL to access the configuration for a single monitor.

Accessing the MSMON_CFG_MON_SEL

This register is part of the MPAMF_BASE memory frame. In a system that supports Secure and Non-secure memory maps, the MPAMF_BASE frame must be accessible in both Secure and Non-secure memory address maps.

MSMON_CFG_MON_SEL must be accessible from the Non-secure and Secure address maps.

MSMON_CFG_MON_SEL must be banked for the Secure and Non-secure address maps. The Secure instance is used with accesses to other MSMON registers to configure monitors for Secure PARTIDs, and the Non-secure instance is used with accesses to other MSMON registers to configure monitors for Non-secure PARTIDs.

MSMON_CFG_MON_SEL can be accessed through the memory-mapped interfaces:


Accesses on this interface are RW.


Accesses on this interface are RW.