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CCSIDR2, Current Cache Size ID Register 2

The CCSIDR2 characteristics are:


When FEAT_CCIDX is implemented, in conjunction with CCSIDR, provides information about the architecture of the currently selected cache.

When FEAT_CCIDX is not implemented, this register is not implemented.


AArch32 System register CCSIDR2 bits [31:0] are architecturally mapped to AArch64 System register CCSIDR2_EL1[31:0] .

This register is present only when AArch32 is supported at any Exception level and FEAT_CCIDX is implemented. Otherwise, direct accesses to CCSIDR2 are UNDEFINED.

The implementation includes one CCSIDR2 for each cache that it can access. CSSELR and the Security state select which Cache Size ID Register is accessible.


CCSIDR2 is a 32-bit register.

Field descriptions

The CCSIDR2 bit assignments are:


Bits [31:24]

Reserved, RES0.

NumSets, bits [23:0]

(Number of sets in cache) - 1, therefore a value of 0 indicates 1 set in the cache. The number of sets does not have to be a power of 2.

Accessing the CCSIDR2

If CSSELR.Level is programmed to a cache level that is not implemented, then on a read of the CCSIDR2 the behavior is CONSTRAINED UNPREDICTABLE, and can be one of the following:

  • The CCSIDR2 read is treated as NOP.
  • The CCSIDR2 read is UNDEFINED.
  • The CCSIDR2 read returns an UNKNOWN value.

Accesses to this register use the following encodings:

MRC{<c>}{<q>} <coproc>, {#}<opc1>, <Rt>, <CRn>, <CRm>{, {#}<opc2>}

if PSTATE.EL == EL0 then
elsif PSTATE.EL == EL1 then
    if EL2Enabled() && !ELUsingAArch32(EL2) && HSTR_EL2.T0 == '1' then
        AArch64.AArch32SystemAccessTrap(EL2, 0x03);
    elsif EL2Enabled() && ELUsingAArch32(EL2) && HSTR.T0 == '1' then
    elsif EL2Enabled() && !ELUsingAArch32(EL2) && HCR_EL2.TID2 == '1' then
        AArch64.AArch32SystemAccessTrap(EL2, 0x03);
    elsif EL2Enabled() && !ELUsingAArch32(EL2) && HCR_EL2.TID4 == '1' then
        AArch64.AArch32SystemAccessTrap(EL2, 0x03);
    elsif EL2Enabled() && ELUsingAArch32(EL2) && HCR.TID2 == '1' then
    elsif EL2Enabled() && ELUsingAArch32(EL2) && HCR2.TID4 == '1' then
        return CCSIDR2;
elsif PSTATE.EL == EL2 then
    return CCSIDR2;
elsif PSTATE.EL == EL3 then
    return CCSIDR2;