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CTIAPPPULSE, CTI Application Pulse register

The CTIAPPPULSE characteristics are:


Causes event pulses to be generated on ECT channels.


CTIAPPPULSE is in the Debug power domain.


CTIAPPPULSE is a 32-bit register.

Field descriptions

The CTIAPPPULSE bit assignments are:

APPPULSE<x>, bit [x]

APPPULSE<x>, bit [x], for x = 0 to 31

Generate event pulse on ECT channel <x>.

Bits [31:N] are RAZ/WI. N is the number of ECT channels implemented as defined by the CTIDEVID.NUMCHAN field.

Writing to this bit has the following effect:


No effect.


Channel <x> event pulse generated.

  • The CTIAPPPULSE operation does not affect the state of the Application Trigger register, CTIAPPTRIG. If the channel is active, either because of an earlier event or from the application trigger, then the value written to CTIAPPPULSE might have no effect.
  • Multiple pulse events that occur close together might be merged into a single pulse event.

Accessing the CTIAPPPULSE

It is CONSTRAINED UNPREDICTABLE whether a write to CTIAPPPULSE generates an event on a channel if CTICONTROL.GLBEN is 0.

CTIAPPPULSE can be accessed through the external debug interface:


This interface is accessible as follows:

  • When SoftwareLockStatus() accesses to this register are WI.
  • When !SoftwareLockStatus() accesses to this register are WO.