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ERR<n>PFGCDN, Pseudo-fault Generation Countdown Register, n = 0 - 65534

The ERR<n>PFGCDN characteristics are:


Generates one of the errors enabled in the corresponding ERR<n>PFGCTL register.


This register is present only when error record <n> is implemented, the node implements the RAS Common Fault Injection Model Extension (ERR<n>FR.INJ != 0b00) and error record <n> is the first error record owned by a node. Otherwise, direct accesses to ERR<n>PFGCDN are RES0.

ERR<n>FR describes the features implemented by the node.


ERR<n>PFGCDN is a 64-bit register.

Field descriptions

The ERR<n>PFGCDN bit assignments are:


Bits [63:32]

Reserved, RES0.

CDN, bits [31:0]

Countdown value.

This field is copied to Error Generation Counter when either:

While ERR<n>PFGCTL.CDNEN == 0b1 and the Error Generation Counter is nonzero, the counter decrements by 1 for each cycle at an IMPLEMENTATION DEFINED clock rate. When the counter reaches 0, one of the errors enabled in the ERR<n>PFGCTL register is generated.


The current Error Generation Counter value is not visible to software.

On an Error recovery reset, the value of this field is unchanged.

On a Cold reset, this field resets to an architecturally UNKNOWN value.

Accessing the ERR<n>PFGCDN

ERR<n>PFGCDN can be accessed through the memory-mapped interfaces:

RAS0x810 + (64 * n)ERR<n>PFGCDN

Accesses on this interface are RW.