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ERRIIDR, Implementation Identification Register

The ERRIIDR characteristics are:


Defines the implementer of the component.


Implementation of this register is OPTIONAL.

This register is present only when RAS System Architecture v1.1 is implemented.


ERRIIDR is a 32-bit register.

Field descriptions

The ERRIIDR bit assignments are:


ProductID, bits [31:20]

Part number, bits [11:0]. The part number is selected by the designer of the component.

If ERRPIDR0 and ERRPIDR1 are implemented, ERRPIDR0.PART_0 matches bits [7:0] of ERRIIDR.ProductID and ERRPIDR1.PART_1 matches bits [11:8] of ERRIIDR.ProductID.

Variant, bits [19:16]

Component major revision.

This field distinguishes product variants or major revisions of the product.

If ERRPIDR2 is implemented, ERRPIDR2.REVISION matches ERRIIDR.Variant.

Revision, bits [15:12]

Component minor revision.

This field distinguishes minor revisions of the product.

If ERRPIDR3 is implemented, ERRPIDR3.REVAND matches ERRIIDR.Revision.

Implementer, bits [11:0]

Contains the JEP106 code of the company that implemented the RAS component. For an Arm implementation, this field has the value 0x43B.

Bits [11:8] contain the JEP106 continuation code of the implementer, and bits [6:0] contain the JEP106 identity code of the implementer. Bit 7 is RES0.

If ERRPIDR4 is implemented, ERRPIDR2 is implemented, and ERRPIDR1 is implemented, ERRPIDR4.DES_2 matches bits [11:8] of ERRIIDR.Implementer, ERRPIDR2.DES_1 matches bits [6:4] of ERRIIDR.Implementer, and ERRPIDR1.DES_0 matches bits [3:0] of ERRIIDR.Implementer.

Accessing the ERRIIDR

ERRIIDR can be accessed through the memory-mapped interfaces:


Accesses on this interface are RO.