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GICR_SYNCR, Redistributor Synchronize Register

The GICR_SYNCR characteristics are:


Indicates completion of register based invalidate operations.


A copy of this register is provided for each Redistributor.


GICR_SYNCR is a 32-bit register.

Field descriptions

The GICR_SYNCR bit assignments are:


Bits [31:1]

Reserved, RES0.

Busy, bit [0]

Indicates completion of invalidation operations


No operations are in progress.


A write is in progress to one or more of the following registers:

This field tracks operations initiated on the same Redistributor.

Accessing the GICR_SYNCR

When this register is accessed, it is optional that an implementation might wait until all operations are complete before returning a value, in which case GICR_SYNCR.Busy is always 0.

This register is mandatory when any of the following are true:

Otherwise, the functionality is IMPLEMENTATION DEFINED.

GICR_SYNCR can be accessed through the memory-mapped interfaces:

GIC RedistributorRD_base0x00C0GICR_SYNCR

This interface is accessible as follows:

  • When GICD_CTLR.DS == 0 accesses to this register are RO.
  • When an access is Secure accesses to this register are RO.
  • When an access is Non-secure accesses to this register are RO.