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Load Allocation Tag loads an Allocation Tag from a memory address, generates an address with the Logical Address Tag generated from the loaded Allocation Tag, and writes the result to the destination register. The address used for the load is calculated from the source register and an immediate signed offset scaled by the Tag granule.




LDG <Xt>, [<Xn|SP>{, #<simm>}]

integer t = UInt(Xt);
integer n = UInt(Xn);
bits(64) offset = LSL(SignExtend(imm9, 64), LOG2_TAG_GRANULE);

Assembler Symbols


Is the 64-bit name of the general-purpose register to be transferred, encoded in the "Xt" field.


Is the 64-bit name of the general-purpose base register or stack pointer, encoded in the "Xn" field.


Is the optional signed immediate offset, a multiple of 16 in the range -4096 to 4080, defaulting to 0 and encoded in the "imm9" field.


bits(64) address;
bits(4) tag;

if n == 31 then
    address = SP[];
    address = X[n];

address = address + offset;
address = Align(address, TAG_GRANULE);

tag = MemTag[address];
address = AddressWithAllocationTag(address, tag);

X[t] = address;