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Shared Debug.Interrupts Pseudocode

Library pseudocode for shared/debug/interrupts/ExternalDebugInterruptsDisabled

// ExternalDebugInterruptsDisabled()
// =================================
// Determine whether EDSCR disables interrupts routed to 'target'

boolean ExternalDebugInterruptsDisabled(bits(2) target)
    case target of
        when EL3
            int_dis = EDSCR.INTdis == '11' && ExternalSecureInvasiveDebugEnabled();
        when EL2
            int_dis = EDSCR.INTdis == '1x' && ExternalInvasiveDebugEnabled();
        when EL1
            if IsSecure() then
                int_dis = EDSCR.INTdis == '1x' && ExternalSecureInvasiveDebugEnabled();
                int_dis = EDSCR.INTdis != '00' && ExternalInvasiveDebugEnabled();
    return int_dis;

Library pseudocode for shared/debug/interrupts/InterruptID

enumeration InterruptID {InterruptID_PMUIRQ, InterruptID_COMMIRQ, InterruptID_CTIIRQ,
                         InterruptID_COMMRX, InterruptID_COMMTX};

Library pseudocode for shared/debug/interrupts/SetInterruptRequestLevel

// Set a level-sensitive interrupt to the specified level.
SetInterruptRequestLevel(InterruptID id, signal level);