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Shared Exceptions.Exceptions Pseudocode

Library pseudocode for shared/exceptions/exceptions/ConditionSyndrome

// ConditionSyndrome()
// ===================
// Return CV and COND fields of instruction syndrome

bits(5) ConditionSyndrome()

    bits(5) syndrome;

    if UsingAArch32() then
        cond = AArch32.CurrentCond();
        if PSTATE.T == '0' then             // A32
            syndrome<4> = '1';
            // A conditional A32 instruction that is known to pass its condition code check
            // can be presented either with COND set to 0xE, the value for unconditional, or
            // the COND value held in the instruction.
            if ConditionHolds(cond) && ConstrainUnpredictableBool(Unpredictable_ESRCONDPASS) then
                syndrome<3:0> = '1110';
                syndrome<3:0> = cond;
        else                                // T32
            // When a T32 instruction is trapped, it is IMPLEMENTATION DEFINED whether:
            //  * CV set to 0 and COND is set to an UNKNOWN value
            //  * CV set to 1 and COND is set to the condition code for the condition that
            //    applied to the instruction.
            if boolean IMPLEMENTATION_DEFINED "Condition valid for trapped T32" then
                syndrome<4> = '1';
                syndrome<3:0> = cond;
                syndrome<4> = '0';
                syndrome<3:0> = bits(4) UNKNOWN;
        syndrome<4> = '1';
        syndrome<3:0> = '1110';

    return syndrome;

Library pseudocode for shared/exceptions/exceptions/Exception

enumeration Exception {Exception_Uncategorized,       // Uncategorized or unknown reason
                       Exception_WFxTrap,             // Trapped WFI or WFE instruction
                       Exception_CP15RTTrap,          // Trapped AArch32 MCR or MRC access to CP15
                       Exception_CP15RRTTrap,         // Trapped AArch32 MCRR or MRRC access to CP15
                       Exception_CP14RTTrap,          // Trapped AArch32 MCR or MRC access to CP14
                       Exception_CP14DTTrap,          // Trapped AArch32 LDC or STC access to CP14
                       Exception_AdvSIMDFPAccessTrap, // HCPTR-trapped access to SIMD or FP
                       Exception_FPIDTrap,            // Trapped access to SIMD or FP ID register
                       // Trapped BXJ instruction not supported in Armv8
                       Exception_PACTrap,             // Trapped invalid PAC use
                       Exception_CP14RRTTrap,         // Trapped MRRC access to CP14 from AArch32
                       Exception_IllegalState,        // Illegal Execution state
                       Exception_SupervisorCall,      // Supervisor Call
                       Exception_HypervisorCall,      // Hypervisor Call
                       Exception_MonitorCall,         // Monitor Call or Trapped SMC instruction
                       Exception_SystemRegisterTrap,  // Trapped MRS or MSR system register access
                       Exception_ERetTrap,            // Trapped invalid ERET use
                       Exception_InstructionAbort,    // Instruction Abort or Prefetch Abort
                       Exception_PCAlignment,         // PC alignment fault
                       Exception_DataAbort,           // Data Abort
                       Exception_NV2DataAbort,        // Data abort at EL1 reported as being from EL2
                       Exception_SPAlignment,         // SP alignment fault
                       Exception_FPTrappedException,  // IEEE trapped FP exception
                       Exception_SError,              // SError interrupt
                       Exception_Breakpoint,          // (Hardware) Breakpoint
                       Exception_SoftwareStep,        // Software Step
                       Exception_Watchpoint,          // Watchpoint
                       Exception_SoftwareBreakpoint,  // Software Breakpoint Instruction
                       Exception_VectorCatch,         // AArch32 Vector Catch
                       Exception_IRQ,                 // IRQ interrupt
                       Exception_SVEAccessTrap,       // HCPTR trapped access to SVE
                       Exception_BranchTarget,        // Branch Target Identification
                       Exception_FIQ};                // FIQ interrupt

Library pseudocode for shared/exceptions/exceptions/ExceptionRecord

type ExceptionRecord is (Exception exceptype,         // Exception class
                         bits(25)  syndrome,          // Syndrome record
                         bits(64)  vaddress,          // Virtual fault address
                         boolean   ipavalid,          // Physical fault address for second stage faults is valid
                         bits(1)   NS,                // Physical fault address for second stage faults is Non-secure or secure
                         bits(52)  ipaddress)         // Physical fault address for second stage faults

Library pseudocode for shared/exceptions/exceptions/ExceptionSyndrome

// ExceptionSyndrome()
// ===================
// Return a blank exception syndrome record for an exception of the given type.

ExceptionRecord ExceptionSyndrome(Exception exceptype)

    ExceptionRecord r;

    r.exceptype = exceptype;

    // Initialize all other fields
    r.syndrome = Zeros();
    r.vaddress = Zeros();
    r.ipavalid = FALSE;
    r.NS = '0';
    r.ipaddress = Zeros();

    return r;