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AArch32 Functions.V6simd Pseudocode

Library pseudocode for aarch32/functions/v6simd/Sat

// Sat()
// =====

bits(N) Sat(integer i, integer N, boolean unsigned)
    result = if unsigned then UnsignedSat(i, N) else SignedSat(i, N);
    return result;

Library pseudocode for aarch32/functions/v6simd/SignedSat

// SignedSat()
// ===========

bits(N) SignedSat(integer i, integer N)
    (result, -) = SignedSatQ(i, N);
    return result;

Library pseudocode for aarch32/functions/v6simd/UnsignedSat

// UnsignedSat()
// =============

bits(N) UnsignedSat(integer i, integer N)
    (result, -) = UnsignedSatQ(i, N);
    return result;
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