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ERRCRICR0, Critical Error Interrupt Configuration Register 0

The ERRCRICR0 characteristics are:


Interrupt configuration register.


External register ERRCRICR0 is architecturally mapped to External register ERRIRQCR4.

RW fields in this register reset to architecturally UNKNOWN values.

This register is present only when ARMv8.4-RAS is implemented. Otherwise, direct accesses to ERRCRICR0 are RES0.

Present only if interrupt configuration registers use the recommended format. Otherwise, this register is RES0.


ERRCRICR0 is a 64-bit register.

Field descriptions

The ERRCRICR0 bit assignments are:


Bits [63:56]

Reserved, RES0.

ADDR, bits [55:2]

Message Signaled Interrupt address.

Specifies the address that the component writes to when signaling an interrupt.

The size of a physical address is IMPLEMENTATION DEFINED. Unimplemented high-order physical address bits are RES0.

The following resets apply:

  • On a Error recovery reset, this field resets to an architecturally UNKNOWN value.

  • On a Cold reset, this field resets to an architecturally UNKNOWN value.

Bits [1:0]

Reserved, RES0.

Accessing the ERRCRICR0

ERRCRICR0 can be accessed through the memory-mapped interfaces:


Accesses on this interface are RW.