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TRCITCTRL, Integration Mode Control Register

The TRCITCTRL characteristics are:


A component can use TRCITCTRL to dynamically switch between functional mode and integration mode. In integration mode, topology detection is enabled. After switching to integration mode and performing integration tests or topology detection, reset the system to ensure correct behavior of CoreSight and other connected system components.

For additional information see the CoreSight Architecture Specification.


This register is present only when ETE is implemented. Otherwise, direct accesses to TRCITCTRL are RES0.

There are no configuration notes.


TRCITCTRL is a 32-bit register.

Field descriptions

The TRCITCTRL bit assignments are:


Bits [31:1]

Reserved, RES0.

IME, bit [0]

Integration Mode Enable.


The component must enter functional mode.


The component must enter integration mode, and enable support for topology detection and integration testing.

This bit is RES0 if no topology detection or integration functionality is implemented.

Accessing the TRCITCTRL

External debugger accesses to this register are IMPLEMENTATION DEFINED when the trace unit is not in the Idle state.

TRCITCTRL can be accessed through the external debug interface:


This interface is accessible as follows:

  • When !AllowExternalTraceAccess(), or OSLockStatus() or !IsTraceCorePowered() accesses to this register generate an error response.
  • Otherwise accesses to this register are RW.