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AMCNTENCLR0, Activity Monitors Count Enable Clear Register 0

The AMCNTENCLR0 characteristics are:


Disable control bits for the architected s event counters, AMEVCNTR0<n>.


External register AMCNTENCLR0 bits [31:0] are architecturally mapped to AArch64 System register AMCNTENCLR0_EL0[31:0] .

External register AMCNTENCLR0 bits [31:0] are architecturally mapped to AArch32 System register AMCNTENCLR0[31:0] .

The power domain of AMCNTENCLR0 is IMPLEMENTATION DEFINED. Some or all RW fields of this register have defined reset values. These apply only on a reset of the reset domain in which the register is implemented. The register is not affected by a reset of any other reset domain.

This register is present only when AMUv1 is implemented. Otherwise, direct accesses to AMCNTENCLR0 are RES0.


AMCNTENCLR0 is a 32-bit register.

Field descriptions

The AMCNTENCLR0 bit assignments are:

P<n>, bit [n]

P<n>, bit [n], for n = 0 to 31

Activity monitor event counter disable bit for AMEVCNTR0<n>.

Bits [31:N] are RAZ/WI. N is the value in AMCGCR.CG0NC.

Possible values of each bit are:


When read, means that AMEVCNTR0<n> is disabled. When written, has no effect.


When read, means that AMEVCNTR0<n> is enabled. When written, disables AMEVCNTR0<n>.

On a Cold reset, this field resets to 0.

Accessing the AMCNTENCLR0

AMCNTENCLR0 can be accessed through the memory-mapped interfaces:


Accesses on this interface are RO.

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