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SQINCP (vector)

Signed saturating increment vector by active predicate element count.

Counts the number of active elements in the source predicate and then uses the result to increment all destination vector elements. The results are saturated to the element signed integer range.



SQINCP <Zdn>.<T>, <Pg>

if !HaveSVE() then UNDEFINED;
if size == '00' then UNDEFINED;
integer esize = 8 << UInt(size);
integer g = UInt(Pg);
integer dn = UInt(Zdn);
boolean unsigned = FALSE;

Assembler Symbols


Is the name of the source and destination scalable vector register, encoded in the "Zdn" field.

<T> Is the size specifier, encoded in size:
size <T>
01 H
10 S
11 D

Is the name of the governing scalable predicate register, encoded in the "Pg" field.


integer elements = VL DIV esize;
bits(PL) mask = P[g];
bits(VL) operand = Z[dn];
bits(VL) result;
integer count = 0;

for e = 0 to elements-1
    if ElemP[mask, e, esize] == '1' then
        count = count + 1;

for e = 0 to elements-1
    integer element = Int(Elem[operand, e, esize], unsigned);
    (Elem[result, e, esize], -) = SatQ(element + count, esize, unsigned);

Z[dn] = result;