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Load Tag Multiple reads a naturally aligned block of N Allocation Tags, where the size of N is identified in GMID_EL1.BS, and writes the Allocation Tag read from address A to the destination register at 4*A<7:4>+3:4*A<7:4>. Bits of the destination register not written with an Allocation Tag are set to 0.

This instruction is undefined at EL0.

This instruction generates an Unchecked access.

This instruction is Unallocated when ID_AA64PFR1_EL1.MTE == 0b0001.




LDGM <Xt>, [<Xn|SP>]

integer t = UInt(Xt);
integer n = UInt(Xn);

Assembler Symbols


Is the 64-bit name of the general-purpose register to be transferred, encoded in the "Xt" field.


Is the 64-bit name of the general-purpose base register or stack pointer, encoded in the "Xn" field.


if PSTATE.EL == EL0 then

bits(64) data = Zeros(64);
bits(64) address;

if n == 31 then
    address = SP[];
    address = X[n];

integer size = 4 * (2 ^ (UInt(GMID_EL1.BS)));
address = Align(address, size);
integer count = size >> LOG2_TAG_GRANULE;
integer index = UInt(address<LOG2_TAG_GRANULE+3:LOG2_TAG_GRANULE>);

for i = 0 to count-1
    bits(4) tag = AArch64.MemTag[address];
    data<(index*4)+3:index*4> = tag;
    address = address + TAG_GRANULE;
    index = index + 1;

X[t] = data;
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