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Debug Change PE State to EL1, when executed in Debug state:

  • If executed at EL0 changes the current Exception level and SP to EL1 using SP_EL1.
  • Otherwise, if executed at ELx, selects SP_ELx.

The target exception level of a DCPS1 instruction is:

  • EL1 if the instruction is executed at EL0.
  • Otherwise, the Exception level at which the instruction is executed.

When the target Exception level of a DCPS1 instruction is ELx, on executing this instruction:

This instruction is undefined at EL0 in Non-secure state if EL2 is implemented and HCR_EL2.TGE == 1.

This instruction is always undefined in Non-debug state.

For more information on the operation of the DCPSn instructions, see DCPS.


DCPS1 {#<imm>}

if !Halted() then UNDEFINED;

Assembler Symbols


Is an optional 16-bit unsigned immediate, in the range 0 to 65535, defaulting to 0 and encoded in the "imm16" field.