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AArch64 Instrs.Vector Pseudocode

Library pseudocode for aarch64/instrs/vector/arithmetic/binary/uniform/logical/bsl-eor/vbitop/VBitOp

enumeration VBitOp      {VBitOp_VBIF, VBitOp_VBIT, VBitOp_VBSL, VBitOp_VEOR};

Library pseudocode for aarch64/instrs/vector/arithmetic/unary/cmp/compareop/CompareOp

enumeration CompareOp   {CompareOp_GT, CompareOp_GE, CompareOp_EQ,
                         CompareOp_LE, CompareOp_LT};

Library pseudocode for aarch64/instrs/vector/logical/immediateop/ImmediateOp

enumeration ImmediateOp {ImmediateOp_MOVI, ImmediateOp_MVNI,
                         ImmediateOp_ORR, ImmediateOp_BIC};

Library pseudocode for aarch64/instrs/vector/reduce/reduceop/Reduce

// Reduce()
// ========

bits(esize) Reduce(ReduceOp op, bits(N) input, integer esize)
    boolean altfp = HaveAltFP() && !UsingAArch32() && FPCR.AH == '1';
    return Reduce(op, input, esize, altfp);

// Reduce()
// ========
// Perform the operation 'op' on pairs of elements from the input vector,
// reducing the vector to a scalar result. The 'altfp' argument controls
// alternative floating-point behaviour.

bits(esize) Reduce(ReduceOp op, bits(N) input, integer esize, boolean altfp)
    integer half;
    bits(esize) hi;
    bits(esize) lo;
    bits(esize) result;

    if N == esize then
        return input<esize-1:0>;

    half = N DIV 2;
    hi = Reduce(op, input<N-1:half>, esize, altfp);
    lo = Reduce(op, input<half-1:0>, esize, altfp);

    case op of
        when ReduceOp_FMINNUM
            result = FPMinNum(lo, hi, FPCR[]);
        when ReduceOp_FMAXNUM
            result = FPMaxNum(lo, hi, FPCR[]);
        when ReduceOp_FMIN
            result = FPMin(lo, hi, FPCR[], altfp);
        when ReduceOp_FMAX
            result = FPMax(lo, hi, FPCR[], altfp);
        when ReduceOp_FADD
            result = FPAdd(lo, hi, FPCR[]);
        when ReduceOp_ADD
            result = lo + hi;

    return result;

Library pseudocode for aarch64/instrs/vector/reduce/reduceop/ReduceOp

enumeration ReduceOp {ReduceOp_FMINNUM, ReduceOp_FMAXNUM,
                      ReduceOp_FMIN, ReduceOp_FMAX,
                      ReduceOp_FADD, ReduceOp_ADD};