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Chapter 19. ARMv8 Models

Platform models, such as the models described in this chapter, enable development of software without the requirement for actual hardware. Software models provide models of processors and devices from the perspective of a programmer. The functional behavior of a model is equivalent to real hardware.

Absolute timing accuracy is sacrificed to achieve fast simulated execution speed. This means that you can use the PV models for confirming software functionality, but you must not rely on the accuracy of cycle counts, low-level component interactions, or other hardware-specific behavior.

The processors in the ARMv8-A Foundation Platform are not based on any existing processor design, but still conform to the ARMv8-A architectural specifications. The ARMv8-A Foundation Platform uses ARM Fast Model technology and forms part of the suite of modeling solutions for ARM processors. These modelling solutions are available in the portfolio of models delivered through ARM Fast Models.

The processors modeled in the Base Platform FVP can be configured to behave like the Cortex-A53 and Cortex-A57 processors.

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