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1.4.4. Using NEON optimized libraries

The easiest way of utilizing the NEON technology in your system is to simply use libraries that are optimized for NEON.


OpenMAX is a royalty-free cross platform API standard created and distributed by the Khronos Group. ARM has created an ARMv7 NEON optimized implementation of the OpenMAX Development Layer (DL). You can download this from

Example 1.5 calculates the dot product of the values in two vectors of signed 16-bit integers by calling the OpenMAX function omxSP_DotProd_S16(). This function is implemented using NEON vector operations when using the ARMv7 optimized OpenMAX DL library.

#include <omxSP.h>

OMX_S16 source1[] = {42, 23, 983, 7456, 124, 11111, 4554, 10002};
OMX_S16 source2[] = {242, 423, 9832, 746, 1124, 1411, 2254, 1298};

OMX_S32 source_dotproduct(void)
    OMX_INT len = sizeof(source1)/sizeof(OMX_S16);

    return omxSP_DotProd_S16(source1, source2, len);

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