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1.1.1. ARM SIMD instructions

ARMv6 architecture introduced a small set of SIMD instructions, operating on multiple 16-bit or 8-bit values packed into standard 32-bit general purpose registers. This permits certain operations to execute twice or four times as quickly, without implementing additional computation units. The mnemonics for these instructions are recognized by having 8 or 16 appended to the base form, indicating the size of data values operated on.

Figure 1.1 shows the operation of the UADD8 R0, R1, R2 instruction. This operation performs a parallel addition of four lanes of 8-bit elements packed into vectors stored in general purpose registers R1 and R2, and places the result into a vector in register R0.

Figure 1.1. 4-way 8-bit unsigned integer add operation

Figure 1.1. 4-way 8-bit unsigned integer add

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