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1.2. Key features

The CoreLink QVN-400 Network Interconnect Advanced Quality of Service for Virtual Networks has the following key features:

  • Enables the prevention of congestion between traffic flows in the system, by enabling the system designer to separate masters with conflicting requirements on to different VNs. For example, high-bandwidth bus traffic sources can be separated to prevent blocking the flow of latency critical bus traffic.

  • You can configure up to eight VNs.

  • You can configure a maximum of four VNs on any single master or slave interface. You can configure virtual networks by assigning them to the addressable paths between masters and slaves.

  • You can configure a maximum of four virtual networks on any single connection between master and slave interfaces within the NIC.

  • You can configure the virtual network token request mechanism to be exported with the master and slave interfaces.

  • Works over interconnects configured as AXI3 and AXI4.

  • Works with the other licensable features, for example QoS-400 and TLX-400.

  • You can configure slave and master interfaces for lower latency by pre-allocating tokens.

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