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2. About the AXI asynchronous bridge

The AXI asynchronous bridge, AsyncAxi, enables two AXI clock domains to communicate. Figure 1 shows AsyncAxi with data being transferred between two AXI clock domains.

Figure 1. Asynchronous bridge block diagram

Figure 1. Asynchronous bridge block diagram

The bridge provides buffered synchronization of the AXI channels:


Write address channel.


Write data channel.


Write response channel.


Read address channel.


Read data channel.

The HDL code is supplied as Verilog.

The major features of the bridge are:

  • single independent AXI master and AXI slave interfaces

  • all AXI channels are buffered independently

  • configurable FIFO buffer depth for each AXI channel

  • dynamic synchronous bypass mode.

The PrimeCell Infrastructure AMBA 3 AXI Asynchronous Bridge (BP132) Design Manual provides more information about these features.

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