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3.8.3. Using the HTML Compiler to automatically generate CGI functions

The previous sections describe, in some detail, how CGI functions are called, and the values they are expected to return. In practice, CGI functions are mostly used for parsing the values that the end user has entered into a form. Therefore, the HTML Compiler has extra functionality that makes this process much easier.

The HTML Compiler can be instructed to generate local variable declarations and function calls from within the CGI routine to parse values from the form. You still have to add some code to the CGI function to perform range checking, and to actually use the values obtained, but the overall workload is greatly reduced. Refer to Usage for more details.

It is recommended that you refer to the CGI routines in the demonstration program (see Demonstration program), and experiment with your own CGI routines. Clear form replies can be produced without writing a lot of code or HTML pages.

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