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3.7.6. Displaying C variables using #include

A common task for webservers that manage embedded devices is the displaying of dynamic data. In the demonstration program, examples of this are the various counters displayed in the hub status page, such as the number of frames sent, number of errors, and so on. These values can change every time the page is redisplayed. Therefore, you must have access to the value maintained in the device software, format it into HTML, and insert it into the web page.

One technique for accomplishing this is described in SSI include routines. If the values you want to insert into your web pages correspond directly to C variables within your program, you can use cvar files within the VFS, which is an easier technique. This allows the HTML Compiler to generate the necessary code to handle formatting of data and sending it to the browser. See Usage for details on how to make the HTML Compiler generate cvar SSIs.