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1.7. Gate count optimization options

The BusMatrix can be configured for any number of input and output ports, up to a maximum of eight. This ensures that the size and complexity of the BusMatrix is well matched to that required for the target application. However, it is possible to make further small optimizations to the total size of the BusMatrix:

  • If access to an output stage is not required from all input stages, it is possible to modify the top-level of the design so that the instantiation of the output stage has all of the signal connections to unrequired input stages tied off to appropriate levels. This should result in a gate count reduction during synthesis.

  • If certain control signals are not used by any of the shared slaves, such as HPROT, HBURST, or possibly some of the address lines, it is possible that these signals can be tied-off at the top-level, again resulting in a gate count reduction during synthesis.

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