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1.2. Structure

Figure 1 shows the overall structure of the BusMatrix.

Figure 1. Top level block diagram

Top level block diagram

The design is made up of the following blocks:

Input stage

There is one input stage for each layer input port. The input stage is responsible for holding the address and control information when the transfer to a shared slave is not able to commence immediately.

Decode stage

Each layer input port also has a decoder associated with it. The decoder determines which shared slave a transfer is destined for.

Output stage

Each shared slave has an output stage which is used to select which of the various input layers is routed to the slave.

Output arbiter

Each output stage contains an output arbiter. The arbiter looks at which of the input stages has to perform a transfer to the shared slave and decides which is currently the highest priority.

Top level

The top level of the BusMatrix connects each input stage or decoder to all the output stages.

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