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B.1. About Prospector

This section provides an overview of the ARM Prospector development system. The Prospector development system is available in two versions:

  • The Prospector P1100 uses the StrongARM SA1100 processor.

  • The Prospector P720 uses a Cirrus Logic 7212 (an ARM720T processor variant).

Table B.1 lists the differences between the P1100 and P720T development boards. By including all of these features, along with a reusable pool of software, Prospector allows rapid porting, evaluation, and development of derivative products.

Comparison of P1100 and P720T boards
ProcessorStrongARM SA1100 190MHz maximum clockARM720T-based ASSP (EP7212) 74MHz maximum clock
Flash memory32MB32MB
DisplayLCD VGA Color TFT (available with touchscreen and backlight)LCD 1/2 VGA mono STN (available with touchscreen)
PowerBattery (3V) or external power supply (6 to 12V at 1.5A)Battery (3V) or external power supply (6 to 12V at 1A)
IO on SPI busKeyboard, pointing device (PixiPointer) touchscreen support, MMC storage cardKeyboard, pointing device touchscreen support, MMC storage card
Serial portTwo (with flow control)Two (with flow control)
Audio CODEC (UCB1200)Stereo in and outStereo in and out
Infrared portIrDA, FIR, MIR, SIRIrDA, SIR
ExpansionSPI portSPI port and two compact flash slots
JTAGProgramming of flash and PLDICE support and programming of flash and PLD
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