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B.3.6. Loading images using boot monitor

Use a terminal emulator that is able to send raw ASCII data files to load Motorola 32 S-record images. In the ARM Firmware Suite, Motorola 32 S-record images are built with the .m32 file extension. Motorola 32 S-record files can be built for images such as, for example, the standalone µHAL demo programs, using the FromELF utility.

Use the Motorola 32 S-record loader as follows:

  1. Set your terminal emulator to enable XON/XOFF flow control.

  2. Reset the Prospector system with switch U25-5 in the ON position. This causes the boot monitor command interpreter to run.

  3. At the command prompt type L to start the Motorola 32 S-record loader. The following text is displayed:

    boot Monitor > l
    Load Motorola S Records into flash
    Deleting Image 0
    Type Ctrl/C to exit loader.

    Any image the boot monitor loads is numbered image 0. If an image 0 already exists it is deleted first. See L, Load S-records into flash for more information on the load command.

  4. Use the send text file option to download the Motorola 32 S-record image.

    The boot monitor transmits a dot for every 64 records received from the terminal emulator.

  5. When the terminal emulator has finished sending the file, type Ctrl+C to exit the loader. On exit the loader displays the number of records loaded and the time the load took. It also lists any blocks it has overwritten.

  6. Move switch U25-5 to the OFF position and reset the system to run the image.

  7. After the boot monitor has loaded the image, it sets the boot image number to zero. When the system restarts, the boot switcher finds and boots the last image loaded.

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