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A.2. Socket error codes

Table A.2 lists the sockets errors that may be encountered when implementing ARM sockets. They are a subset of the standard Berkeley errors. See the function specifications in Chapter 5 Sockets for information on specific functions.

Socket error codes
Error codeReturn valueDescription
ENOBUFS1Insufficient packet buffers available to complete the operation
ETIMEDOUT2The operation could not be completed within the time limit
EISCONN3A connection is already established, so a new one cannot be established at this time
EOPNOTSUPP4The requested operation, protocol, or format is not supported
ECONNABORTED5The connection or connection attempt was aborted
EWOULDBLOCK6The requested operation would have to block in order to complete and the socket has been marked as nonblocking
ECONNREFUSED7The attempted connection has been refused by the remote host
ECONNRESET8The connection associated with this socket has been reset
ENOTCONN9The requested operation cannot be completed because the socket is not in the connected state
EALREADY10The requested operation cannot be performed because a similar operation is already in progress on this socket
EINVAL11The requested operation is invalid in the current socket state, or one or more of the arguments for the request is invalid
EMSGSIZE12The datagram is too large to be sent
EPIPE13Cannot send using this socket because it has been shutdown for writing
EDESTADDRREQ14An address must be specified for t_connect() to connect to
ESHUTDOWN15The operation could not be completed because the socket has been shutdown
ENOPROTOOPT16The option that you have requested or tried to set using t_setsockopt() or t_getsockopt() has not been recognized
EHAVEOOB17There is Out Of Band data waiting on the socket
ENOMEM18The socket sub-system could not allocate enough memory to complete the requested operation
EADDRNOTAVAIL19The requested address is not available
EADDRINUSE20The requested address is already in use
EAFNOSUPPORT21The only address/protocol family supported is AF_INET
EINPROGRESS22The connect request failed because a previous connect was already in progress
ELOWER23There was an error in the IP layer.
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