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4.13. Peripheral information block

The Peripheral Information Block (PIB) is a block of 32 words in ROM that provides you with information about the peripherals used in the design. The PIB is located at the top of the address space for the logic module.

Each word in the PIB provides information about one peripheral. A value of 0x00000000 indicates that there is no entry and that the next address must be checked. Each valid entry contains the information shown in Table 4.18.

PIB entry format
31:24Peripheral Base

Bits [27:20] of the peripheral base address.

Bits [31:28] of the address are defined by the location of the logic module in the stack see Address assignment of logic modules.

23:8Peripheral ID

For a PrimeCell, this is the PrimeCell number in BCD. For example, the VIC PrimeCell PL190 would be represented by 0x0190.

For other peripherals the value 0xFFnn is assigned, where nn is a unique look-up value. (See the AHBPIB HDL source file for details.) The value 0xFFFF is a special case that is used to indicate the FPGA build number.

7:0Peripheral RevThis gives the revision number of the peripheral in BCD. For example, revision v1.2 is represented by 0x12.

The last address of the PIB is used to store the FPGA build number. Bits [31:8] are all 1 and bits [7:0] store the revision number in BCD.


Use the ARM executable utility read_pib.axf, supplied on the IM-AD1 CD, to display the PIB information.

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