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3.5.2. Place and route

Place and route for this module is performed using the Altera Quartus place and route tool. This produces a .hex file that is used to program the flash.

The Altera targeted .vqm is aimed at a particular device, and takes into account the device size, package type, and speed grade. However, to ensure that Quartus generates a file that operates correctly with the core module, use the following settings:

  1. From the Processing menu, select the Compiler settings option.

  2. Select the Chips & Devices tab, and then click the Device & Pin Options button.The Device & Pin Options dialog is displayed. Do the following (in any order).

    • Select the General tab and check the Enable INIT_DONE output box.

    • Select the Configuration tab, set Configuration scheme to Boot from flash.

    • If you are using Multi-ICE to program in flash programming mode, select Programming files tab and check the Slave Binary Image File box.

    • Select the Unused pins tab and set all unused pins as inputs, tristated.

    Use the default for all other settings.

Signal names from the top-level HDL are mapped onto actual device pins by a user compiler setting file .csf. You can also specify the timing requirements within this file.