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3.6. Loading new PLD configurations

You can reprogram the PLD configuration data by writing new PLD images into the image flash memory using Multi-ICE or ByteBlaster.

To enable flash program mode, the CONFIG link must be fitted or S1[4] must be ON:

  • Setting switch S1[4] enables the image flash to be programmed from Multi-ICE, without reconfiguring Multi-ICE.

    Using S1[4] does not put the XA10 into the scan chain and therefor the FPGA cannot be directly reprogrammed. Reprogramming of the FPGA can only be done indirectly by reprogramming the image flash.

  • Fitting the CONFIG link (J8) puts the system into configure mode. The CFGLED is lit as an indication that configure mode is selected.

    Multi-ICE can be used in configure mode to program the image flash and the FPGA. Using configure mode, however, requires reconfiguring Multi-ICE.


    Programming by setting the CONFIG link is provided for compatibility and where multiple boards are to be programmed. If you are programming only the CM922T-XA10, use switch S1[4].

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